Just to Learn About PWAs, the Next Attempt

This is the replacement thread for my prior attempt to get a personal project off the ground. The project would be a create an app (any old web app) and incrementally change it into a PWA (Progressive Web App). I want to use what I’ve learned on FreeCodeCamp about creating web applications using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.) Most people doing web development use a Mac. I prefer to use ubuntu for command line work and I’ve been working on getting ubuntu environment established on my laptop. That kind of where I’m at. In fact I am making this post from the ubuntu side of my laptop. In terms of getting ubuntu setup as my development environment, I’ve gotten node.js / npm installed along with vscode (editing weapon of choice) and I’ve decided to use a tutorial video series,
“Learn The MERN Stack” by Traversy

as a guide on developing a basic MERN application. While the example he uses is a shopping list app. I’m going to see if I can bend this into a ToDo app. I have a larger plan to take my eventual PWA app and try to evolve it further into a ToDo app for reoccuring tasks. So the new and hopefully more productive attempt at this project is underway. Wish me luck!