Just trying to solidify css, confused


I realize this looks terrible, I’m just trying to test stuff out because CSS is driving me insane. It’s so confusing and I’v been trying to learn it for like 2 years now.

I copied the projects html because my previous html was just making things more confusing.

Then I put a media query in for mobile first approach, a bunch of list item text isn’t lining up centered with everything else.

I could have done a grid layout because that’s probably the only thing that comes easy to me, but it tells me to use Flexbox, so I avoided a grid.

I just wanted a very simple layout to learn from.

Any feedback is helpful, thank you!

You can use Flexbox with Grid. They work well together.

grid can work horizontally and vertically. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of flex box?

The main layout could be a grid, but some grid sections could have flex containers.

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