Just want to double check about taking code from codepen

Codepen is an open source meaning the code I found (public pen) then it is okay to use? Is this correct? I have found the most perfect code to use for my client site. Now I have been working hard on this project but what he wanted was different for me to fully understand. The client wanted to make his energy drink labels into a 3D object, spinning around like a drinking can. This is what I first created for him - https://codepen.io/Rosstopherrr/project/editor/AnqjGp
However, I think this is what he really wants - https://codepen.io/webdeveloperpr/pen/zBGqqE
I have tried the code with the energy drink label included and it works, very well! Is there going to be any copyright issues if I take this code? Also, as you can compare the code from my work and Luis Betancourt work, you can see Luis is a lot advanced than me. I am going to tell my client what I have done. I am not going to steal credit. I am going to explain about codepen being open-sourse, copyright issues, etc. BUT I want to double check is what I am doing okay?

According to https://blog.codepen.io/legal/licensing, public pens are licensed under the MIT license, which stipulates that you need to include the license somewhere (codepen sticks it in a comment in the HTML), but you can otherwise do anything you want with it. Just include the license somewhere, don’t claim that you wrote it, and you’re good to go.

that is all I need to know mate thank you! Would never steal any credit for work. However, what I am worried about it my client going to think I am lazy in a sense that I am not doing the work but taking work from other sites? This is something I should definitely tell him that I have not wrote this code.

The best developers always look for and use quality third-party code to avoid having to write the code themselves. Laziness is one of the three cardinal virtues of a programmer after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And TBH, I like your effect better.

is that link a joke? hahahaha

Nope, Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, came up with it, and he was semi-serious. His sense of humor is well-known for being quite … quirky.