Just wants to know the product of 5.0

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var product = 2.0 * 0.0;
var p = 2.5 * 2.0;

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Challenge: Multiply Two Decimals with JavaScript

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just want to know the product of 5.0

Products are or two or more numbers. I would guess that the product of 5.0 would be 5.0.

But as to why you are failing the test, you created a new variable. You weren’t supposed to do that. You were supposed to edit the existing one and change the “0.0” to something else so the variable product will end up being 5.0.

You have this:

var product = 2.0 * 0.0;

How do you change the “0.0” so the product (both the variable product and the mathematical product) would be 5.0.

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