Just wrote my first ever blog post: A detailed overview of `this` in JS!

Link here

I decided to take my JS learning to the next level by starting a personal blog. I think it’s going to be a good way to solidfy what I’m learning, and hopefully help some others along the way. Here’s my first post! Hope it helps you if you are struggling with this :slight_smile:

Feedback of any kind is always encouraged!

EDIT: The blog is running on Ghost. I built the theme myself :grimacing:


I loved your article, very well explained i must say. :thumbsup: Looking forward to your next article. :slight_smile:

Finally ‘bind’ starts to make sense. Thank you.

Thank you @kunalgupta05 I appreciate it. I’m going to be shooting for an article a week centered around JS fundamentals / modern JS with ES6 and CSS. Glad you found it enjoyable!

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@SnakeyBaxter You’re most welcome! It feels great when something finally clicks doesn’t it?

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