Justified image gallery


I am doing a justified image gallery, I am using https://miromannino.github.io/Justified-Gallery/ which works fine but I can’t choose the number of images per row.

I’m searching a solution to make at least a row of images that is justified and all the images are the same height. So that I can creates rows with defined number of images.

Note: images are different sizes and format.

Hi @JohnPA,

Miro replied to similar question back in 2017 and said that it was then not possible to define the number of images per row. He was working on solution but I cannot see any further queries or replies.

Since it has been 3 years, maybe ask him again?
If nobody else knows and replies, you might be able to find workaround solution to it by reading some of the suggestions on his github issues page . :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll try it and see.