Kata 7 codewars help

help… i know that first argument is always func…

Hard to help without knowing what kata you’re trying to solve. Also, what have you done so far to try and solve it?

If you can post the link to the kata, what language you’re trying to solve it with, and just your core code. (Like if you’re doing a javascript kata, just post the script code)

it’s in the link in comments… tab in repl.it script.js

My point was to not have to dig for the important information needed to help you :wink:

I’ll post it here:

Lazily executing a function

var make_lazy = function () {
  const arr = Array.from(arguments).slice(1);
  return argumets[0].apply(null, arr)


var make_lazy = function() {
  const arr = Array.from(arguments);
  const func = arr[0];
  const myArr = arr.slice(1);
  return function() {
    return func.apply(null, myArr);
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