Keystone js Templating

I’m a react and node fan and I wanted always to try Keystone js, but then I realized you need to choose templating engines on installation like handlebars or jade and so on…my question as a person who started learning react a month ago is, do a project that already uses React really need a templating engine? Beceuae how I understand React it can do what a templating engine does + much more. So has anyone expirience with Keystone and can answer my templating question? Thanks

Answer to first question is no, and if you’re installing it pick whatever, if you use React you’re going to basically dump the entire front end part of Keystone. There are a load of examples if you Google.

My questions was specifically for Keystone cms if they could build the cms with React only without hbs and so on…

I know, my answer was specifically for it, though the same applies to any CMS; React (or any other JS SPA framework) replaces the templated frontend, it no longer becomes necessary. Basically, you don’t need to load a template per query, you basically only need one page, and you hit the url routes set up in Keystone from the React app that’s rendered to that one page (hence Single Page App framework).

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Thank you, I need to learn more about this project next days, I still don’t understand why they offer this options to user other render engines when React can do this.