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Hello guys.There is something I am failing to understand,although i used the ‘var’ keyword in the comment as a reminder for next time i want to go through my code I am getting an error of “var should not exist in the code”.Why is it that a keyword i used in the comments affecting the overall excecution of my code?.Thank you
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/*One of the biggest problems with declaring variables with the var keyword is that you can overwrite variable declarations without an error.
In a small application, you might not run into this type of problem, but when your code becomes larger, you might accidentally overwrite a variable that you did not intend to overwrite.
A new keyword called let was introduced in ES6 to solve this potential issue with the var keyword
let catName;
let quote;
function catTalk() {
"use strict"; 
catName = "Oliver";
quote = catName + " says Meow!";

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Challenge: Explore Differences Between the var and let Keywords

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That’s probably just a side effect of how tests are implemented:

getUserInput => assert(!getUserInput('index').match(/var/g));

That test is looking that in all your input there’s no var written anywhere, it won’t discriminate if it’s a comment or not.

Hope this helps clarifying things up.

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Yes that clarifies things thank you.

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