Kind of overwhelmed by the amount of resources on this website

Hello I am new to coding, and recently I watched the 4.5 hour long youtube video on freecodecamp’s youtube to get into coding with python. In order to continue learning how to code I went to the freecodecamp website which was full of 300 hour long lessons to do. My friend told me to just select a course that seems interesting to me and to just do it, which lead me to pick the “ML with python” course. However after trying to follow along with the first couple of lessons on tensor flow pycharms is telling me that the tf. code doesn’t exist. There doesn’t seem to be an installation process for tensorflow, so I found a random one online which I am about to install. So for my first question: Is there an installation process that I missed on the website? 2nd: Would this course be too difficult for me to do off the bat? 3rd: Is there a certain order to using this website that I am currently completely disregarding?

I apologize for this enormous ramble. I am just currently very lost on how to learn how to code. Thank you for your time!

It’s designed to do in order from top to bottom but feel free to go with the order you want

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