Kindly help in completing this project

I got a work for a non-profit organisation, initial I have complete an HTML and CSS static web pages. But I think it required database driven dynamic web pages. So kindly help me in completing this project.
One can visit the website at
repo for code

Why do you feel you’ll need a database-driven back end? Is the data being changed (for example, the number of research studies or workshops)? From what I’m seeing, the quotes are fairly static, the data isn’t changing minute-to-minute, the content isn’t being done via a constant feed…

For the record, I really like the look of the site, and the animations add a nice touch.

Do you have the project specifications (required user stories)?

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thank snowmonkey for review. I started that way but now they want to add payment gateway and user commenting on activity pages. Also activity pages adding activity by manually is not good idea. as number of pages increase it will be difficult to add stories.

by user stories u mean about the non-profit work??

You said “But I think it required database driven dynamic web pages.” What defines this requirement? How are you expected to use a database with this project?

i need for activity pages. There activity images and there is a commenting section for each activity they have done. also for each page the activities addition is not work as there number increases.