Krewella Tribute Page - Feedback please

This is my first time doing any coding on my own. For the most part I’m pretty happy with how it turned out with two exceptions:

  1. I can’t figure out how to make my image mobile friendly.
  2. When I scroll completely to the bottom, white shows under the gray - how do I get ride of that?

Your link is not working. Can you post it again?

Not sure what happened there. Here you go:


You need to put the HTML elements (starts with <h1 class="text-center white-text">Krewella</h1> in your code) into the HTML section of codepen.
Everything you put inside the <style>...</style> should stay in the CSS section, but remove <style> and </style>.
I am not sure what is that text doing in the JavaScript section, but you’ll have to remove that, too. The JS section should hold the JavaScript portion of the code only. Since this is the first project, you probably don’t need to use this section at all.

I can see you put an effort to style the submit button. However, the text is not centered on the button. You can fix that by changing the button width.


I moved things around a bit. Is that more like it?

The button has been giving me a difficult time. I’ll try changing it’s size.

The text is JavaScript is a note for myself for something I want to try to do a bit later on.

Thanks for your help!

If you want to keep your note in the JavaScript panel, please, comment it putting a // before your text, else you’ll get an “Unexpected Identifier” error…

Thanks for the tip!!

Even a space after the // and before the text will be appreciated (good practice to make your comments more readable :wink: )

…and sorry for going so deep in detail but in years of coding I just can’t make myself accept bad formatted code :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, to center the text into your button, just remove the padding: 10px 10px from the .button class :wink:

Thanks a lot! Really!

And it’s a lot easier to pick up good habits while learning something at the beginning than to change it years later.

And thanks for the button fix! It was driving me crazy. I was going to leave it ugly like that and come back to it later but now it’s not so ugly.