Kyu's Survey Form


I completed the Survey Form Challenge and would like to hear your feedback on the design part or if I could improve my code somehow.

PS.: I’m glad I found out about fCC, the community is awesome and very helpful. Thanks guys.


Wow! That is a great form.

You have really leveraged flex and grid to your advantage. Good work on that. I’m sure that took some research and forethought.

Your attention to details like animation, transparency / gradient, and pseudo class states added value to experience nicely.

I would suggest tweaking some details for mobile device sized screens.

  • Your form does get a little “skinny” at small screen. The margins might need to be smaller or eliminated altogether.

  • Also at small screen the background image loses the effect because it is zoomed to just a small center portion and it is hard to tell what the picture is anymore. I think that image served more purpose at desktop sizes but you might consider doing something different for tablet and below (opinion, not fact).

  • Elements could be more responsive at smaller screen. Your fonts and form elements look really big at telephone size and it takes a lot of scrolling to get the end of the form.

Good work - you really showcased your skills well.


Pretty cool for the most part! The background sticks out for me, it’s way too intense IMO.

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ll try tweaking the margins and sizes a bit and maybe choose a simpler background.

Really nice, inspiring me to re-do mine from floats to grid.


Thanks Steve!
Yes, grid and flexbox are extremely useful.

I love the background image and the transparency.

Very nice work.

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