L.L. Zamenhof Tribute Page

I just finished my Tribute Page project. Would be great to get feedback, please let me know if you see anything wonky or have some advice about my code. If you do take a look, thanks!!!


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You could wrap the image and its accompanying caption in a <figure> element. Like

  <img ...>

The alt attribute is required in <img>.

I think using <b> for the years in the timeline is more semantically correct than using <strong>. <strong> is (as the name implies) for adding strong emphasis on text; <b> is for stylistically offsetting text (like making them stand out, but not necessarily emphasizing them).

Avoid using <h*> elements just because they have a large default font size (like you did in the <blockquote> and after it). It’s better to use <p> and then change their font sizes.

You can always hit “Tidy HTML” in the upper right corner of the editor just to make things neat :wink:

I’ve often heard of Esperanto, but I had no idea it was a constructed language :open_mouth:

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Thank you!! Oh that helps so much…exactly what I needed, I’m going to make some changes right now! :smiley:

Yup indeed it’s constructed, and such a cool language. After only a couple weeks of starting to learn, I had a small convo with a lady in Poland who spoke no English. That was pretty awesome.

I took a look at your coding and it looks really well done! I could definitely learn from you! And your layout looks great too! It’s simple, organized and the background matches well with your picture. Also, great choice on your tribute! I never knew about L.L. Zamenhof; let alone the language he invented. Really cool!

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Thanks for taking a look! I felt so self conscious after looking around at other projects and seeing how creative everyone is being with theirs. I am kicking myself for taking the project notes so literally and so closely recreating the example!

Yeah, Esperanto isn’t too widely known, but lately it has been growing in popularity. The eternal optimist in me feels good to know I’m helping a bit to share some info about it. :smiley: