"L" vs "1" confusion throughout courses

The lowercase letter “L” is easily confused for the number “1” throughout several certification courses.
An example can be found in step 26 of “(New) Responsive Web Design: Nutritional Label.”
I believe a remedy would be to have a consistent font used in both the instructions area and the input area.

I think that @bbsmooth had a GitHub issue discussing this problem?

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Yes I do. I believe we have settled on the new font, which should fix this problem. Now it’s just a matter of getting it done.


Awesome. Great to hear. Thank you much for all you do.

Please excuse me if this is absurd but I am new to the jr. dev. world and just trying to get my feet wet in any type of project.
Would this “matter of getting it done” be an opportunity to help out?
Thx much!

Ya, this issue is labelled “Help Wanted” so it’s open to anyone to work on. But you better hurry. I might just do it myself because I’m tired of waiting :slight_smile:

Very cool. Id love to try it out. I searched “Help Wanted” here and on your Github but no luck with results. Where could I find this project?

I gave a link to the github issue in one of my posts above, but here it is again:

github issue #46530

If you need help about how to set up FCC locally so you can work on this:

Set up freeCodeCamp locally

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