Lack of motivation :(

Hello guys,

It’s kind of funny that I am asking this question because few months ago I was the one motivating someone here.

I have completed wikipedia viewer and starting the next one but I am having lack motivation to continue.

The reason I am feeling like this is because I don’t think that I may get the type of job that I want. I am even thinking whether if there is a type of job that I want.

I used to be a freelance User Interface designer. Freelance has it’s positive but jumping from one type of project to another can be exhausting. I also injured my back overworking.

I quit designing due to my back issue for a year and had a complete change of career. But as my back was improving and due to the fact that I hate my current job. I got into coding and joined freecodecamp.

In short I want to join a company like facebook or google. You might be thinking who doesn’t? When I say facebook or google I am not talking about it’s fame rather the type of work. I mean they make a particular type of product. Where people don’t have to jump from one type of product to the next.

For example, while working as a freelancer I am designing productivity app one day and the next day I am designing a healthcare app. While this is fun but it can get exhausting.

I just wish to work on a productivity or healthcare app for a long long time. Maybe forever or 2-3 years.

I know this is possible for backend developers but what about front-end developers. In UI design the moment I finished the design. The work was done. I feel it’s same for front-end.

Am I overthinking? Will I find such a job? Is there anyone who is working on the type of job that I am looking for?

I am not very good with English so sorry about the grammar and typos.

Thank you for reading.

So you think working for a big healthcare or game company, that’s all you’d be doing all that time? Working on the same UI for that single app for 2-3 years of your life?

I think you may have a lot of assumptions on how things work in big companies. For one, you may be jumping from one internal project/app to another. If you work in a design agency, you may be working with multiple clients and multiple projects at the same time. Acckk… and maybe some of those work will be supporting old projects written in “now unpopular” languages or old frameworks.

I’m going to make some WAG assumptions here… (WAG = wild ass guess)

I think your lack of motivation is the result of being complacent in the type of work you do. Maybe you’ve become so good in UI, that it doesn’t feel like a challenge anymore. There’s no more nervousness or firepit in your stomach… that sort of fear/dread that you’ve bitten more than you can chew, or you’ve signed yourself up to a project you have no idea how to make happen. The challenge is gone. And I think that’s what you’re interpreting as lack of motivation. Now, it’s just plain, old, rote work. And that would be exhausting.

If I were you, I’d start learning backend technology… something you can use with your UI/frontend experience. Challenge yourself to learn new things that are difficult or beyond your comfort zone.

Think of a personal project (maybe a startup business) that you want to work on. Since you only know UI/Frontend, this will be a good time to learn some backend… maybe C#, python, mongodb, SQL, Node, .NET, etc… there’s a lot of new things to learn.

Personally, I can’t imagine working on the same project/tasks day in and day out for years. That will be so boring.

Good luck!

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Dear @Zunaid

First off, you’re not alone. It is quite natural to feel this way. However, sticking on to one product (max ~ 1yr), would get kinda boring, don’t you think?

Web development, in general, requires the programmer to move and learn at a very quick pace. The goal here is to understand why you’re doing programming in the first place. One constantly learns that is how one grows. And for that to happen, schedule your time, so that you get some time for yourself to do projects that interest you.

Switching jobs might bring you happiness for a little while, but managing time will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

And as for injuring yourself, take breaks in between :grin: Have you tried the Pomodoro Technique ? Check out Simple Programmer’s video on this.

Again, don’t worry too much about this, take a breather and plan. Shout at me, if I’ve said something stupid :no_mouth:

~ Happy Hacking

@owel and @aktsbot

Thank you for replying and trying to help me. I really appreciate it. I think I failed to explain few things properly. It’s difficult to explain at times of stress sometimes lol.

The point I was trying to work for a particular niche. For example a company who makes different types of apps for healthcare service eg. Hospital, Pharmacy, ambulance etc.

The reason is to pay my bills at times I have to take design work that I don’t like doing to be honest. And in design agency, it may be difficult to get the type of work you like.

While it may be boring for some but I want to work in projects that I like.

This is why I was feeling demotivated. That I may not get a job in the type of company I like. Maybe I just have to take a job where I just have to work on bunch of random projects.

I think it’s a psychological thing or something.

But thank you guys for replying. I hope I was able to explain myself.