Lack of resources when doing the assesments

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I am finding that as I go along with the assigments for the fCC there is no resource or refernce that provides the plain copy that is to be marked up. Instead I feel like I am cheating by copying and pasting it over into my own editor and just styling the pages differently. I hope this issue can be addressed as its a major learning step that is being overlooked.
Because in all honesty I am not writing the technical documentation up by hand, that is going to be copied and pasted. (*cheating or lazy at this point, all I can say is the same can be said for the lack of the aforementioned resource to do the test properly)

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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what kind of tests do you think are missing? what kind of resources?
can you explain more your issue?

Hey, ofcourse, for instance on the ‘responsive-web-design/responsive-web-design-projects/build-a-technical-documentation-page’ you get the user case study. Basically making sure the markup is done in a completely accessible and semantic nature. But what are they asking us to mark up?
We then go to the codepen, thinking well the previous 3 test were easy to transpose. But then we are given what is a volume to do. Only the final examples are shown on Codepen, and you can just copy the completed markup and re submit it as your own markup.

you could but that’s against the Academy Honesty Pledge you need to agree to to claim your certification

What you would need to do is write the code on your own, create a page with the content and look of your choice, or even copy the example provided. You shouldn’t copy and paste code that is not written by you, ideally you also shouldn’t look at the code of the example page.

You have the test suite provided in an empty pen that you can fork and work in, to see if you are satisfying the user stories

I see your point, and totally agree it is a dishonorable thing to do.
Making up content, I just I could just Lorem in the text…surely that would suffice?

you could also use the texts present in the example, if that would help. But yes, you can certainly just go with sample text

Im going with a star wars theme. Should be fun, I really appreciate your feedback, keep being magical =)

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