LAMP related curriculum?

Hello freeCodeCamp community & staff! I almost finish the responsive web design cetificate so I started searching for other certificates but I saw nothing about PHP, everything is Js focused. Althought I kinda like javascript and would be interesting to learn NodeJs, it would be nice to know if you have any ideas about doing a curriculum based on LAMP technologies or even TALL stack?

at this time the interactive curriculum is going in this direction:

I think you can find tutoruals in the fcc youtube channel

Ah that’s a shame, I was saying cuz I think freeCodeCamp has gained a relevance on what certificates refers. And having PHP certificates on my portfolio would be nice and also as a self-thaught developer it would be nice to learn in a more academic or professional way. For example, I have used HTML and CSS for some years and never knew about accesibility properties and tags. Anyways, I’ll dream about a PHP curriculum lol