Landed my certification after portfolio project

Just completed my freeeCodeCamp responsive design projects.

Here is my portfolio and some projects I have done.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.
Failed one user-story test intentionally Using it breaks my page. A fix without breaking my page will be welcome.


nice! you tried but you should do even more next time

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sure, any suggestions an how I can improve as a developer would be warmly welcome

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yeah what programming language do you know most

PHP and a some JavaScript( React - fairly comfortable)

oh wow that’s interesting, but you should really hold on react very well it’s very good, i’m basically a python programmer and java

@Code-Ex Certainly I will take your advice.

Anyway, I planned on learning python hopefully next year.

yeah and please check on Angular js and bootstrap

Nice, anyway am comfortable using Bootstrap but Angular big NO. Will check it out after fully finishing my react path and projects

okay that’s gonna be a beautiful idea, wish you best of luck bro

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thanks a lot @Code-Ex.
Wishing you same in all your endeavours

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i’m great full thanks a lot

I like the animated type loop at the top left with the dots.
For the sake of getting through the HR-firewall it would be pragmatic to remove the swearword completely. I feel you, but not even David “Bad Mo?”§$?!*#" Goggins swears on his landing page. :wink:

Yeah they want the portfolio page to have a style where each section takes up the viewport height. If you make that adjustment I think it will look ok.

The documentation page works like most people in that the last few links don’t scroll the page further. This can be solved by adding a blank section at the bottom with extra height. Late at night after reading lots of docs it sometimes feels like work to stop and figure out where the next section is if it’s visually far away and my window is tall. Other times it’s close by and doesn’t matter.

The ROG page has the same problem as many other peoples do in that the nav scrolls the page too far. If you compare it to the documentation page the function is the same but now the very top of the screen is covered by a header. Here’s a way to stop the scrolling earlier.


On the Survey page I’d close the gap between the two columns. It’s better UX.

Overall you’ve done a very good job.

@tlc35us Thanks for the great suggestion…Actually have been looking for a fix for those above mentioned issues. Will work on them ASAP