Landed my first job (full stack web dev)

Hello. What type of software do you want to create? Is it mobile app, web app, or system app (Win/Mac)? For mobile, it’s easier to start with Android app instead iPhone app by using Android Studio and some basic Java. For web app, especially involving database, get AMP package such as WAMP, XAMPP for Win, LAMP for Linux, or MAMP for Mac and of course some basic PHP and MySQL as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For System app, you will have a lot of choices on coding languages so it depends on what type of app you want to do but Perl,, C#, C++ or even Python…
Please, note that other people might have different ideas because all info above based on my own knowledge on coding languages that I have experiences; for example, some companies paid me couple grands for each of these web app below, even they might look very simple to you but when you don’t know, it would be more complicated than you can handle…
In inventory, the company wanted to direct access the database in order to add, delete or modify their inventory:
In Employee Records, the company wanted to add dependents to database for each and any employee that their current software is missing this part:
Please, note that I hand coded those web app using Notepad++ to write all HTML, CSS with Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL and for testing locally before delivery to those companies, I used XAMPP and of course, you can use XAMPP to develop some web apps like these too :wink:
Similarly, I’m using Android Studio to build 2 mobile apps and almost done with them…
My point is if you have desire in coding, jump right into it and you might struggle when first starting but after couple fails, everything become more easier than you thought… if need any help on any coding language that I posted above, you can ask me any time as I’m quite famous in my college on coding tutorial


Really thanks so much for that great and detailed information. I really do appreciate

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Congratulations! I feel extremely motivated when I read stories like this. Anything is possible if you really put your heart to it!

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