Landing a job in a smaller city

I’m currently living in a beautiful, yet very small, city in the north of England. There are some developer jobs going but not very many, primarily .NET stack and frontend web dev.
There doesn’t seem to be many junior positions.

I’ve seen a few success stories on the forum, but it’s not clear to me whether they’re all in the larger cities of the world.

Did any of you have to relocate for your first job?

I’m currently looking in my home city, but at this point it seems like I must go elsewhere for any hope of landing one.

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As much as I would like a local developer job I may eventually have to resort to using mass apply job agencies such as Triplebyte.

Newcastle? If it is Newcastle, what are you looking for specifically? There are a few Java backend places, but yeah most enterprise is C#/.Net. Scala/Closure as well as Ruby and loads of other stuff at Inland Revenue and Student Finance, a load of smaller companies doing VR and App stuff (so Java/Kotlin/Swift/ObjC), Ubisoft and a couple other games companies for…well…games, but C/C++. Red Hat Linux for C++ I think, Sage for Ruby. They’re pumping cash into Science Central at the minute, there’ll be loads of Python/R/whatever statistical research and AI stuff coming next few years

Anyway, larger city: more jobs, but higher cost of living, smaller city, less jobs but easier to afford to live

Not Newcastle unfortunately, that’s actually a lot larger, heh. I’m in York which is extremely small.

I wouldn’t mind moving to the true north as they say, it sounds like there’s a lot more varied and interesting jobs available!

I was a computational physics PhD student but I gave it up, and at this point any software development work would be fine with me.


I’m also from the UK (live in the south) and has been thinking about relocating to the north. When I was looking for suitable companies based in the north, I came across this company .
They’re a hosting company based in York. I have never worked for them or applied for any roles there, but their recruitment process seemed very different from other companies (in a positive way).