Landing First tech job - HELP

I’m trying hardly to land my first tech job as a flutter developer but I don’t have work experience so I don’t get interviews and I’m pretty sure because my CV can’t stand out or something
So can you guys help me with tips and templates/examples for a CV without work experience I would really appreciate it because I’m getting desperate here

Why don’t you provide a sample of your CV and portfolio?

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, I once wrote a doc with my thoughts on getting that difficult first job.


No experience…

  1. Learn constantly while waiting for new job offers. Do a lot of projects. SImple projects that are ‘good enough’ and make you comfortable with technology. Then do few good loking ones and show them in your portfolio.

  2. Adopt a mindset that employers pay you for your time = work you can do in X hours. Make sure your time is worth being paid for.

  3. You can’t get a job if you can’t do it - your employer wants you to finish things, not to teach you or hold your hand. Make sure places you apply to know you can “get sh*t done”.

  4. CV - clean and readable. Recruiter should look at it and understand your education/work/goals at a glance (10 second max, preferably 5). Check CV of Elon Musk, it is a good template. You want yours to be same quality - fast and easy to get all information. Recruiters don’t have the time to think about “why is this font so small” or “where is the education”. They just assume you are not competent enough to write a good CV. They move on and look for better looking (more competent) candidates.

Last - focus on being a good software developer, not “flutter developer”.
Flutter will come and go, software will stay.

Also, welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forums!
Since you did not provide a CV sample. I will take for granted that you have the necessary skills for the job and you just need a hint :

  1. Make research about the companies that demand this specific position, make a target of them. Also check the specific requirements for the position, the tasks and the knowledge that implies.
  2. Identify what the company wants, every company has a different organizational culture, goals, and operations. Try to learn more about the companies that you are interest most.
    In conclusion, do not send CV applications betting for good luck. You will have higher chances if your profile fit at least a 75% with what the employer wants.
  3. Learn Flutter is OK, but also general knowledge is more useful than you think. Git/Github, Docker and Agile methodology are examples of general knowledge needed in the sector.
    Now, lets go to the CV.
  4. Emphasize your strong points, you surely must have many, try to figure out them
  5. Build projects that demonstrate your capabilities.
  6. Review flutter developer’s profiles and make a comparison. Taking a good sample of CVs may seem boring… However, the orientation you get worth it.
  7. Try to gain some certifications in the field or related to that field.
  8. Don’t underestimate every previous work experience. Even if unrelated, they provided you with transferable skills, show those one.
    Hope this helps
    Best Wishes.
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