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In reference to the landing page exercise example in the curriculum, it does not have the header going over the navigation bar like my page:

What i mean is when you scroll up, all the elements in the page and video go over the logo and the menu buttons. What i would imagine is to have a sort of invisible
divider, where the logo “Sustainable Homes” and the menu “Features, How it Works, Pricing" are on the same level and cannot be overridden by other objects.

I was also wondering if anyone ever used meta charset=UTF-8? What is the reason for seing UTF-8 at the bottom of web pages?

The last thing i wanted to ask for anyone who built a website (for a portfolio), how did you choose your domain in terms of how much load and bandwidth it could handle?

If i want to add videos and small animations with my projects on my website, is a regular $10 “GoDaddy” domain enough ? How do you know if your domain supports enough database?

Also, what is the difference between let’s say, one domain selling for $10, and then another one for $15 with a note next to it saying (“more secure”)?

That’s what i saw on the google domains.

It’s weird because i would think that google would sell their domains with “https” by default. So why would there be a “more secure” domain?

Thanks for your time if you read my post!


  1. Add a positive z-index to the header.
header {
  z-index: 10;
  1. No I see no reason why you would put that on the page.
  1. You can get free hosting (Netlify,, GitHub pages, etc.) but you have to pay for a domain name if you want your own. But I wouldn’t pay for that unless you really need it.

  2. No idea, we can’t know what is meant by “more secure”. But in all likelihood, it sounds like marketing (upselling).

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