Landing Page (Beard Products)

Hi Everyone; Here is my Landing page. Tried to make it as responsive as possible while taking into consideration the aesthetic of things .

If there is anything you guys think there is anything that could improve by all means let me know. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Beard Landing Page

I like your design overall! Looks clean and modern. Few suggestions

  • I would work on spacings. Your site feels bit crammed with contents nearby each other.
  • Create hover effects on images as well. You can be creative :slight_smile:
  • Change your cursor to pointer when it hovers on submit button.

Cheers :+1:

you literally touched on all the things I was wondering about. felt the spacing was off but to be honest it scared me with how much marging i was adding to the elements(guess its not so bad)

for the hover effect i was honesty being lazy when it came to the images and the cursor. :sweat_smile:

thanks for that, honestly needed to hear it from someone else. :smiley:

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