Landing page- cant match boxes

I can’t get my boxes to match. I used all of the same CSS attributes but the bottom box won’t match the top one.

Screenshot 2022-02-28 112546

my code:

I’ll give you a hint: Make sure that all of your tags are closed properly.

As said, you have errors in the HTML that are making the elements close incorrectly (look at the strong elements and were you have placed the /).

You should really also use the same price-card class on both cards.

I would suggest switching the Syntax Highlighting on Codepen. It will help catch syntax errors.

Go to your Codepen profile settings. Under “Editor Preferences” switch the Syntax Highlighting to Oceanic Dark and save the setting. Go back to the pen and make sure your new setting is working, the code highlighting will be using different colors. If there are issues you should see code marked in red. That is the new Syntax Highlighting showing you where the problems are.

Press the down arrow to the right of the code boxes and select the “Analyze” option. You can also use a validator tool.

thank you!! :woman_facepalming:t5:
i was looking at this for so long and couldn’t see it.

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thank you so much! i am going to try this.