Landing Page Challenge, Image Issue

I am currently on the landing page challenge on the Responsive Web Design Course and cannot complete the challenge due to my image not showing up for the logo(User Story 2). The image is in my project folder on my computer but whenever I add the location to the image tag in codepen, it does not show. Because of this, I am unable to clear this challenge. I have even tried pasting the code in the Atom IDE, which shows the image but it seems to not be recognized by freecodecamp. Please help anybody.

codepen will not be able to read something from your computer. You’ll have to host the image somewhere.
A quick search and you will find quite a few places that have free hosting. Or if you have GitHub you can host it there.

A last option is to find an existing image an link to it.

I was wrestling with the same thing earlier today and found this FCC post from 2016 which really helped - I ended up using the Github ‘issue’ solution in the end:

  • Go to your repo and open any issue
  • Drag and drop the image in the comments box
  • After the image is uploaded, you will find a link in the box. Voila! Use that link in your app

Thank you Ennfer! I will definitely try this solution later

Thank you Roma! I will try these solutions later. Will let you know how it goes.

@Roma @Ennfer, I tried hosting the picture on Github and it worked. I have a new problem. Whenever I enter the URL from Codepen to be tested now it leaves a message that says I should submit my own work. I am submitting my own work!

@1reemy, What is the URL you are entering?

That is the URL of the FCC pen that you were to fork.

You’ll notice that the userid is freeCodeCamp. You should have also noticed that there was no save button.

In the bottom right of that pen there is a button for you to click to fork that pen. This will give you a blank pen that contains the FCC test script.
Ensure you are logged into your codepen account prior to forking the pen.

On a side note, you can get feedback on your finished project by posting the link to your project in the #project-feedback subforum.

Okay!!! Thank you @Roma. Can’t believe it was that simple! Finally cleared that challenge. I’ll ensure that I check that I’m logged into codepen going forward.