Landing Page - Complete

Hello everybody!
I finished my Product Landing Page and would like some feedbacks.

CodePen []

Thanks a lot.



Good job with your project! I like the look of your rate cards and the shadowing, it looks really good. Here’s a few things that I would consider changing:

Add a little spacing around your video

#servico {
  margin: 40px;

Don’t be afraid to use selectors because it will really help you with your CSS and help you avoid putting CSS in your html like this:

<div style="padding:10px; color:#000; margin-top:8px; text-align:center">

Because your navigation bar is fixed position it causes your navigation links to scroll to far up your page and some of the content gets blocked by the header. This article provides multiple ways to fix this issue depending on your code.

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Gj! That’s the next one Im gonna do next.

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Thank you and good luck

thank you for the tips

I’ll apply them tomorrow.

the nav fixed at the top, really was a problem for me. first, it covered the content, I managed to solve with margin-top, but it did not seem a good solution. :confused: