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I need help with my landing page.:
I have use the html analyser and it tell me this in red at the bottom of the page: the id value [ product-submit] must be unique
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I seem not to see what i have done wrong. Help please!

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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HI @obbarukh !

You can not have two ids with the same name

Here is one

  <p>Artcore Mahogany Neck Offers Comfortable Play</p>
    <div class="product-submit">
      <input id="product-submit" button type="submit" value="Select">

and here is the other

 <p>Sapelli Body, Nato Neck</p>
      <p>Rosewood Bridge, Etched Rosette</p>
    <div class="product-submit">
      <input id="product-submit" button type="submit" value="Select">

id names have to be unique. that is what the error message means.

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Hi @ jwilkins
Thank you for your reply. I cant think of anything else to replace it with. I have tried just “submit” and “product” on their own , same error message appears. I dont know what to do now. :worried: :pray:

You also have a class of product-submit. So I don’t know why you need both the id and class of the same name.
If you delete those two ids and just use classes for styling then the error message goes away.

Thank you so much. you ve been very helpful. :pray:

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