Landing Page fail

Soooo. I think I done got myself lost in trying to do this assignment. I can’t for the life of my understand how I got myself into the point where I don’t understand why my header sucks, footer is disappeared, youtube video is just blocking content, and the overall layout is terrible. Is this worth trying to figure out? Or should I just erase it all and try to do is from scratch. I’m pretty upset because I spent a good 12 hours on it this week.

I think it would be good to look at your project as it is now and think about what you dont like about it, and then work towards finding solutions on how to fix it. I know you mentioned:


But what exactly don’t you like about it? How do you want it to look? If you have a more precise question some people -or myself- here might be able to help you make it look the way you want.

I know how it feels to spend hours on something and not like how it comes out. Ultimately it would be up to you if you want to abondon this project and move on. But sticking with it, and putting in the work to make it look the way you want can be rewarding!

You’re right. I am being very vague about it. For starters, I would love to have my available purchased items to look like the example project in a horizontal layout.

I think that looks very clean and well designed. I would like to be able to not abandon this and get it completed. I am just having a hard moment I suppose.

I would try making use of display: inline-block;. You could make a <div> and place each avalible item inside of it, give them the display: inline-block; attribute, do get that horizontal appearence like you showed.

Here something I made really quick to somewhat explain what I meant.

It makes it easier for me if, when I am building the site, to have all my elements have borders around them with different colors just to see exactly what is going on each time I make a change.

No worries man, just trying to help!