Landing page - feedback and assistance

Hello all,
Could you please give some feedback on my landing page? I am trying to get the basics right so I have done a straightforward page, trying to keep it simple. I have seen some beautiful landing pages examples on the internet. I know mine is lacking on “appeal”

I am having issues with the sizing of the YT iframe. Cant do it via iframe tag, cant do it via CSS. The suggestions I have found on W3 school and other sites have not worked very well. Any suggestions?

@Roma I have tried not to make the br mistakes and went through the W3 checker. No scrollbars and I have payed some more attention to acessibility. What other areas can I improve?


@nosmaritimos, the first one is supplying the link to your pen :wink:

Erm, thats emabarassing. Post updated.

The page looks good @nosmaritimos though it is very minimalistic.

Someone on a smaller screen without hover ability will not know those three sentences are links. I don’t speak Portuguese but even after translating they don’t lend themselves as something someone would click.

This width:"500" height:"600" is not the correct syntax for in-line styling attributes of the iframe element.
I would also say not to use in-line styling. Use your stylesheet.
It almost looks like you cut/pasted from the stylesheet to in-line for the height and width but even for the stylesheet, that is not the correct property: value; syntax.
You can search and find the correct ones for each. I was easily able to size your iframe using in-line or stylesheet when the syntax was correct.

Thanks for the feedback.
I could not reisze it in CSS because I left the in-line styling. I was abe to correct the iframe sizing. TBH I copied the code from W3Sschool.

I corrected the 3 sentences that are not links, so I appreciate that using underline can be confusing sometimes.

I also appreciate the fact that it is minimalistic and…well doesn’t look very good. I looked at some models but I though before getting lost on design I need to nail down mechanics first.

Thank you @Roma

Something else you should look at. Check that the user has entered a valid email addr. Throw an HTML5 validation error if not.

  • You learned to do this when coding the survey form