Landing Page: Feedback

Warning: bad language in text. I used a Sammy L Jacksoon Ipsum generator, forgot to change it out

Hi people

Hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve just completed (???) my landing page project and wanted to share, and was hoping to get some feedback.

I’ve ran it through validation, only throwing out 1 error (expected) where I placed the header image in through CSS instead of HTML, so hacked it a little with an empty img tag. Nav links could also do with adjusting for responsiveness.

All thoughts welcome


Well Done!!!

I have more of a styling comment. Maybe setting a max width on the text content in sections “about us” and “services” will improve the style.

Thanks very much for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.

I was thinking the same thing (set max-width) but was rushing to complete. I’ll definitely implement your suggestions.

And apologies for the language in the website itself. I forgot to swap-out the Sammy L Jackson text for something a little less vulgar haha.