Landing Page Feedback [Portal Theme]

Hello everyone. I just completed the ‘Landing Page’ project and I was wondering what you think.



Looks good and clean for me! You’re talented.
You might want to forget <br> tag as it’s deprecated, AFAIK. I myself use

tag in replace of <br>, and only use it when there’s no other alternative.
And you might want to start tinker around on css with em instead of px, because px is an absolute value, it won’t change regardless of screen dimension, and in some situation you want to keep certain element proportion to the screen. So you can use both of them to your advantage. Just my opinion.

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Great design @ChenBr! One thing from my side is that you should focus more on the responsiveness in you CSS.
Also the test suite shows that you have one fail, that the navbar should always be at the top.

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Thank you for the respond!
I’m not sure that I understand. What should I use instead of <br>?
Should I use properties like margin and padding?

What you’re saying is I should use Relative Lengths instead of Absolute Lengths, correct?
I’ll take a look at it, thanks!

Do you mind elaborating about responsiveness in CSS? Is it about designing a site that fits all devices?
Any idea why the test suite shows the fail? It worked fine when I started working on the project.

Alright, I fixed it by adding those properties:

  position: fixed;
  top: 0;
  right: 0; 

Thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s right, @media queries makes your website responsive for different size screens, and mobile devices. You can have a look at this blog entry about @media queries. Also have a look at my recent Portfolio Page project I finished.
There are ALOT of media queries in there just to try and make it responsive. It’s not perfect, I’m myself still new at this, but it will give you a good idea what it means.

I checked now, but it passes everything :man_shrugging:

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I’ll invest some time learning and getting experience with @media queries in my next project.
Also, your Portfolio Page looks great, I’ll definitely dive into it while learning @media queries.
Thank you very much!

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Hi @ChenBr !

Welcome to the forum!

I think your project looks good.
You might consider adding an html smooth scroll.

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Hey, thank you!
I just added the smooth scroll, it looks great!

I myself use a <p> tag for changing line because p tag is a block tag, then I’ll play with the margin, padding and line height. Ofc there could be another way.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Hello, I really liked your design, fonts, and other things. everything looks cool <3

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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