Landing page feedback request

I am pretty certain this will not render acceptably on all devices. Please let me know what device displays this poorly.

Thank You

election inspired product

I am currently viewing your site on my laptop and some of the spacing and alignment is a little off. I took a look at your css through the chrome developer tools and noticed you were using properties that I was not familiar with. I just started learning how to code 3 months ago so I decided to look up these properties on MDN docs.

MDN docs says that padding-inline-start and padding-block-start is experimental and might not be compatible with all browsers. So it might be better to just use the regular padding and margin properties .

Hope that helps.

Hey @Da_vey!

I’m not sure what web browser you are using, but if you are using Google Chrome a cool thing you can do is use the dev tools feature. This will allow you to simulate seeing your projects on other devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.). You’ll want to open your project in full page view in Code Pen. After that, click F12 on your keyboard. This will open up the dev tools. To simulate a different viewing environment, click the symbol to the left of “Elements” at the top. Finally, change how you want to view your project. I just found this out the other day and its been super helpful!