Landing page-feedback

I think it is getting a little easier with each project
but i still have to google a lot of things

Do you write your code directly on codepen?

Good job!!, I reply to your question.

I prefer to code all in text editor first (vs code) and watch the changes with “live server extension”. And then copy paste all to codepen. It’s more fast to code in vs code thanks to emmet.


Nice job. One thing to revisit;

  • when clicking one of the nav links the top of the section is covered by the width of the navbar. Consider adding a little padding to the top to account for that.

To answer your question;
I write my code in Brackets and then copy and paste into codepen. I was it using prior to freeCodeCamp and prior to my introduction to codepen.

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Hi everyone, I just finished my landing page projects. I really hope you guys look at it and give me your feedback:

I follow the same pattern as well.

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Wow! that is a really inspiring page to look at! you have clearly shown that this project is Amazing beyond Space Words!

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