Landing Page - Feedback

Hello fellow campers!

I’ve just finished working on my landing page. You can find the repo here and the live page here.

I’m gonna clean up the code a bit when I have the time to - for now I’m just glad about having finished this project.

Please let me know what you think, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!


I love it. Congratulations.

Thank you, glad you like it!

Woah very cool! The colors and the hero image work really well, it all have a very futuristic feel.
Did you use Sass?

Nice job. It looks really good overall.

Though if there was one thing, the form submit buttons feels… off. It has a different font-family as well as different font-size compared to the rest of the page. I’d suggest making it match, just for consistency’s sake. Adding a simple font-family: inherit; to your .btn class takes care of that.

It’s just one of the weird quirks of input type buttons that even though a parent has a set value, it just gets ignored for… reasons.

Other than that, it looks great. Keep it up :slight_smile:

I originally didn’t use it but started cleaning up the code earlier and I’m using that opportunity to also convert it to Sass.

Yeah, I somehow missed that. I had read about having to make certain form elements inherit the font-family, but forgot to add it in this time.

Thank you both for your feedback! :smile: