Landing page for job interview

The deadline is Friday.


Screenshot 2021-04-08 000841 (2)

I want the Login and Hamburger to be in the upper right corner. How can I do that and should I do that or there’s a better practice?

look their styling and see what cause them to be centered. In your case they have text-align: center
Its also better idea to have them placed first in your html code, so they come first(on the top left corner), by default, so you dont need to use additional styling to make them appear there(which will also make it more convenient to focus them first by other means)

One way to get them to be in the top-right corner is to use float: right; in CSS - Navigation__nav

Better to keep the CSS less complicated/over-formatted, so it doesn’t override properties when you add more to the page

I thought float is a bad practice.

Hi, I think @mariarehman4 was just trying to give you a quick solution to your problem. If you’re familiar with Flexbox or CSS Grids or somthing similar then yes it would be better to make use of them.

As a side note float is not always bad practice it works great for things like buttons or wrapping text around images however, you are correct that it is not best practice for the layout of an entire page.