Landing Page - Help fixing one of the target's position of one anchor element in my fixed header

Greetings my friends! I would like to ask for your advice on how to fix some anchor on my Landing Page:

Landing Page

You see, despite using some trick I researched to position the header’s anchor targets in a way that they dont get overlapped by the header itself when its position is fixed, this doesn’t work on one of them, the “Get it now” link.

The code that I used to consider an extra space after clicking the header’s anchor was:

  content: "";
  display: block; 
  height: 150px;
  margin-top: -150px;

This works marvelous on the first two anchors (Product Features, How to use it) , but doesnt on the third one (Get it now), does anyone know why? :face_with_monocle:

Thanks :grinning:

PD: In the meantime, please give me your valuable feedback on my project (I changed the image required on the header for an icon for convenience, because the image I had expired, but this was after I submitted the project having all the User Stories checked, so ignore this).