Landing Page Help (Nav bar media query)

Hi Everyone,

So I have passed 15/16 tests for the landing page requirements. I dont have a media query and not 100% sure what that means. I thought that having a working video in the page would count as a media query. I see in the example that in the css theres an @media target. Is that what I am missing to pass the requirement?

For the nav bar I have been able to keep it at the top of the page while scrolling so technically I have passed the requirements but now the actual page isnt as functional and visually appealing. ( form and part of the video is covered by the nav bar now). Any suggestions on how I can move all my boxes down some to include everything on the page and make it more visually and functionally appealing?

As always thank you in advance.


Revisit the challenge Create a Media Query.

You can also read more on MDN.


This is the full page Layout on the computer screen.

And, the site with MEDIA QUERIES added, on the phone, it looks like this:

And WITHOUT MEDIA QUERIES on the phone, it looks like this:

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