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I am piece mealing my Landing Page to try and fix a few items at a time. Currently I am not able to successfully import my video link or other http link. They show up with a frown/not working. I have googled how to do this, but either cannot find the youtube. embedding/share link or have tried and still doesn’t work. Please help.

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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Hi @juliakajill!

The link you shared is to your tribute page.

Oops - here is the correct Landing Page I need help with

Youtube doesn’t allow including the videos on their /watch path(I didn’t remember the word, I meant to say URL path)

To embed a youtube video you can use<video-link>
You just have to replace watch with embed in the url

More info here and a guide on w3schools


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Thank you. That made the frowny face go away and now my box looks like it will play a video but when you click on it an error pops up. This is happening for both of my videos. Not sure if I am missing an “id” class or something like that? Any ideas?

I have edited your post.
You don’t need to place links inside backticks ```. You only need to do that with code.

I don’t have much experience with embedding the youtube video.

After going through the w3schools tutorial I mentioned in earlier post, I found that the url scheme for embed videos is<video-id>

I’ve tried this type of url on your pen, and it’s working now.

Please note that you’ll use<video-id>
I’ll not edit the previous post as to give other people reference of what was wrong there.<-video-id-><-video-id>

Hope it’s all clear :grinning:

I wish I could say it was clear to me and I got it fixed, but I cannot. I changed one of my youtube to embed. I am not sure if I need to end it in <-video-id> or ? I did try both and an error message popped up. Would you be able to try and explain it again? Also I am assuming I still need my "https:// " in the quotation marks?

Hi, I have viewed your codepen, and as it currently stands your <iframe> almost works, first it seems like you closed the opening <iframe> tag too early, resulting in allowfullscreen being alone and sad.

Second your embed url is formatted incorrectly, here is your <iframe> with correctly formatted link, and the extra > removed:
 id=“video on making starter”
 src= “” allowfullscreen>

Consider the following link

You should reference edit given by @MatchaCrisp.

Thank you for your help, I kept looking at your suggestions and ended up going back to youtube. and found the way to embed, then re-copied the .url and it all seems to be working.