Landing Page - Navlink User Story 5

Hi, really after some help, I’m trying to pass user story 5 but I’m unsure where I’m going wrong. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed because the more I look into it the less I’m understanding and it seems everyones code i’ve looked at is different.

Plese help me in the right direction.

You should prepend your links with # (e.g. href="#Cost)
Also ids on the page must be unique.

Can you show an example of the I’d unique, not making sense of it tonight.

You can have each id only once on the page.

<div id="my-id">
  <h1 id="my-id">Hello</h1>


<div id="my-id">
  <h1 id="another-id">Hello</h1>
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Thanks jenvos, I was able to complete user story 5 with your advice.