Landing page not reading my flexbox input

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i was done with my landing page project which i had done on codepen(which said everything was correct and right) but pasted everything onto the new submission that freecodecamp uses and it says that “Your Product Landing Page should use CSS Flexbox at least once.” i know ive used flexbox a number of times in my code. how can i fix this. this is my codepen landing page

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have you linked the css in the freeCodeCamp editor? you need to do that manually

i have, still nothing. all my css and everything went through but for some reason its not reading that im using flexbox. i even tried adding another one just for good mesaure and nothing

pass your code through an html validator

also why you have everything in a media query? if you have a taller screen, your page will be completely unstyled

It is definitely because you have wrapped all the CSS inside that media query. Remove the media query you have now and add one back that makes sense.

Don’t use max-height for it as that really isn’t too useful. Make it min-width or max-width and use that to do something useful (like lower the font size at small screen widths or whatever).

yep! thanks for the help!

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