Landing Page on small device

My landing page pass the test.

But I am trying to understand on why the coffee cup is not showing properly when tried on smaller device.

Here is the webpage itself.

And this is the source code here.

A feedback also on the webpage itself is also appreciated.

Thanks and GOD bless.

Hi, your page looks nice. The problem is with this line of code:

.container {
grid-template-rows: repeat(5,450px);

The hero element has got 450px height and when the photo of cup is going down on mobile those two elements together are biggern than 450px.

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@edper Nice!
The video is not centered on the page.
The picture of the coffee cup looks like it is not cropped properly. I cannot see the coffee beans.

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your page looks nice bro

You got it right @maknetaRo. It’s working now.

Thanks so much. GOD bless.

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Thanks for the feedback Brandon.

Thanks @mhamzash. I got some inspiration from this one although there was no code given.

I’m glad I could be useful.

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it looks nice. Good job! :+1:

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