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Hey guys I find it difficult to fix this issue I’m having with my third project it saying "I can see an image within the #header. element
This is the link to my code :

Please post your code. We can’t say much without seeing your code.

Edit: Thanks!

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The link
to the code

The error says I can see an image within the #header element with a corresponding id="header-img". A company logo would make a good image here.
yours is id="Header-img"
Once you fix that, It comes up with a new error: The src attribute's value should be a url (http...). I assume this means that the check is looking for an http url, yours is… im not quite sure, but my guess is that if you replace it with a http url, it should pass.

(Also just an FYI: your div class main is spelled “mian”, I assume that’s a typo?)

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It’s a bit of a silly requirement. But yes, it is looking for a URL link so a base64 encoded image won’t work.

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