Landing page project feedback

Hello there! Please, let me know what you think about my landing page project:

I don’t know what the challenge requires but it looks fine to me.

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Looks fine :blush: :heavy_check_mark:Could add additional stuff like follow us buttons on Facebook, Linkedin, Istagram, Google Plus and so on. Secondly, what sets the University of Helsinki apart from other schools.

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is it just a Project? or you want people to see the university, or studying in the university.

the Project is well done.

(only if you are actually want people to study in their then)
you need to be specific on what makes you guy’s different from any other university out there…
and know how the Consumer think. etc…

but I’m guessing it’s just a project.

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Many thanks for your feedback. I’ll still work more on it. In response to your second question, University of Helsinki is very practical with loads of hands-on tasks in all departments I’ve been too. I am so glad I chose here. Besides, the Uni is in Finland - which has one of the best education systems in the world. The system here is completely different from many other countries. Most importantly, unlike others, we focus on collaborations, rather than competition.

It passed all the user stories. Thanks a lot, for the feedback!

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I appreciate your feedback! It’s just a project. I decided to use my projects for more practical stuff. I am a student ambassador and thought it would be nice to build a website for the community. My survey form project is related too and will integrate it to this. Having said that, check the University out here at, if interested. Youtube is also a good resource.