Landing Page: project feedback

Hello, any feedback would be appreciated
Landing Page

The animation with the fish is awesome!

I think too much white on the rest of the page.

The height of the “join us” button needs to be increased some. The text is squished inside.

I follow danh4648 suggestions. Some sections might be useful to better distribute the content.

Also, it would be nice to embed some google font. I believe a non serif font would fit better in the page.

Wow! nice animation! I’d say that the text is spaced apart too much. compact them closer and you can write more. I don’t know why there’s a swimming goldfish on the top where I can’t scroll. This is a product landing page which is meant for pretending to buy something. Even though you passed all 16 tests, you didn’t display any products you can sell. At all else, great job.

Thank you for your feedback, actually it’s supposed to be a landing page for selling sea creatures, hence the goldfish. I will however restructure everything soon after reading the feedbacks, also because it’s not responsive.
Thanks again

Okay. Sounds good to me.

Hi there,
good job. You are using quite a few CSS tricks here. Great :smile:

There are a few issues, if you decrese the screen, the “Join US” jumps into two rows. Correct it. :wink:


I strongly suggest using a different modern font, that Times New Roman.

If you press the “Who we are link” you edn up with the heading in the middle of the line.

Also if in all of the menu items you use first letters in capitals APART the first one, change it to: “Who We Are”.

Also, the scroll bar on the x-axis is not necessary, adjust the styles:

It is cool, however once you scroll down the fish animation, It wont let you go back up and it is kinda frustrating. tested on chrome

Hello, thank you for your feedback, I didn’t notice some details, thankfully you pointed them out, I’ll make sure to fix them soon

Thanks for your feedback, the reason for that is because I used scroll-snap which snaps an element to the view, I also faced that problem but somehow I forgot about it, thanks for reminding me

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No problem! I am happy I was able to remind you about this!