Landing Page Project Help

It was working fine yesterday, but now my elements in my #header are out of order and everything is on top of each other. Having trouble figuring this one out.
The order is supposed to be #header-img > #runner > #nav-container

Any help/feedback is greatly appreciated!

edit: Thanks everyone for the help, couldn’t have done it without yah! My code is officially passing all tests!

all i can say is that your body tag is not closed if that doesn’t work idk what it is other people have more knowledge than me they’ll help you later

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Your header has fixed position which means its out of the normal flow, every other element thinks that is doesn’t exists soo the space that it was suppose to be taking on the top is no longer his and now elements that were below it have gone upwards to claim that space now its up to you how to wanna reclaim that space but still keep your header fixed. You can try using margins or maybe sticky position.


look at your body tag, your missing a <

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