Landing Page Project - OnePlus 6T

Hi everyone! I just finish my landing page. Please let me know what do you think. Any opinion is highly appreciated!
Thank you all!
Landing Page Project - OnePlus 6T

I am sure you got this mobile in the last two weeks. Congrats!

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Hey, nice job!
Couple things I might look at:

  • You might want to do a hamburger menu when mobile size.
  • The video is not responsive. As it doesn’t get smaller when changing screen size.
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Thank you for your feedback! To be honest i was thinking to buy OnePlus 6 or 6t. After a long and tedious research i decide to buy OnePlus 6. Today i buy it from Amazon and i eagerly wait the parcel cause they make the delivery today. The project was started before i decide so i was thinking to stick to OnePlus 6T.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback. I think is a good idea to have a hamburger menu and to be onest i tried to implement it but i saw it demands a little javascript and i decide to stick to html and css.
Maybe i will try an implementation with bootstrap.
Regarding the video, i agree, i need to do something with it.
Thank you again and good luck!

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Hi jel111, i just made the video responsive. If you have time please check.
Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated!

Awesome, that is much better!

Thank you for checking on me!

So excited I really Appreciate. but I don’t think you kept you font-size too large?

Happy Coding!

Sorry John99Dev but i don’t understand!

Sorry for writing abstract sentence. I was wondering If you keep your font-size a little small and color: #222 or #333 some thing like alittle light then I think it will be More Awesome but don’t mind me it’s even Amazing!

Thank you John99Dev for your feed back , i am open to all suggestions but i did not understand what you mean.
Now if i understand correctly you talk about features section which contains most of the text. You think it would be better you use a smaller font and some colors.
I will definitely give it a try.
Thank you and feel free to speak your mind!

Absolutely, but you have to take your own decision It was just suggestion.

cheer you!