Landing Page Project (Rare Video Games) any Feedback would be helpful

Hi all I finished my landing page. Wow, that was not easy to me. Grid, Flex and positioning did some scaring trying to be responsive. I really would appreciate feedback. I am pretty sure I’ve got a long way to go.

My CodePen LandingPage

Trying to see if I can get some feedback.

Hi @raregamer
This looks good, you have done a good job. :wink:

I would suggest some stylings to make it better looking,

  1. Add a transition: 0.3s to the link on both hover and normal.
  2. You can try adding a background color like #f8f8f8 to the image icon and give it a border-radius of 50%
  3. In mobile screen make the text below the images to align center
  4. In mobile screen, you can remove the margin for the video so it looks good y covering the entire screen.

Good Luck.!

As @Sujith3021 suggests in his #3 point, you should center all the text once the screen width is 800px or lower. It looks odd to have that text over on the left side (see below).

@Sujith3021 @RandellDawson, Hi guys, thank you so much for your awesome feedback. It looks way better now. I love the little touches that it adds to the site .