Landing page project, what do you think?

Hi all!

I would like some feedback on landing page project. I put decent amount of time and effort so please post some reviews. TY!!!

I’m going to be honest:
I’m not the biggest fan of your choice of font or colour.
But that’s just me and I might be the only one.
For the logo and the menu bar, you might wanne try to have a bigger margin. But that is just what I think and I’m pretty new in the field so that’s up to you :wink:

I added some margin to the logo but regarding the choice of color and font I don’t know what to do. I’m not designer and I don’t like designing web sites. If you have some other suggestions hit me up!!

I suggest you to change your font-family, you can add font from google font.
And in the responsive your H1 The Gym little bit inside the nav you must solve it .
otherwise you did good job .

@OmarFawzi and @Hankar-rgb
I changed font to google font Lato. Is this beter?
@OmarFawzi can you tell me at what size H1 is covered by the nav so I can solve it?

@bresha you can solve it with margin-top.
go to chrome > more tools > developer tools and check it.
and the font is good

I personally liked it, but then again I am not difficult to please and not the best designer myself :). I liked the layout, maybe colors for the layout and font type could have been different, but aside from that I thought it looked pretty nice :).

I think the layout was pretty nice though, so you are not doing bad in my opinion. I don’t know what it is, but that darker bluish grey stuck out a hair bit too much to me. I think if you work on color balancing and fonts you’ll do amazing. I am horrible at balancing colors and it is something I need to work on but I choose to focus on the coding for now.

To make a good landing design way harder than normal website design. Since you are not into a design I would take a good free template and make just the coding part.
The overall impression of the landing is careless.

@dtblanken81 I also focus on coding so I’ll leave site as it is. Maybe I’ll play with it later.
@kinospro definitely should have used a template.