Landing Page Project

Hi everyone, I just finished the project. Here it is. I worked on a window so I don’t know how the website looked on a Mac. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you :grin:

This looks really awesome!

My only suggestion would be to make it so the effect of it scrolling in only happens when you scroll to the element the first time. Scrolling up and back down resets the effect and that can be frustrating.

there’s a problem with firefox, this is what I get there:

in chrome, everything is alright, pretty awesome effects and design.

Thank you.
I removed reset effect as Jordan suggested.
I used rem unit in svg which is not supported on Firefox. I changed to pixel so it should work now.

By the way, the website is broken on IE.

yup, now it looks good in firefox as well. Impressive job what you did there, well done!!